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TFL 2012/2013

A Bit of SSE League History:

It all started off with SSE Free Age, a weekend morning coaching session that we organise for SSE Dads, friends and anyone looking for a good Sunday morning work out (with and without a ball) followed by a game of football. We have a dedicated group of guys coming in week in and week out. Therefore, we decided to start a league for them and opened it up to outside teams. The response was super and we had 14 teams (130 guys) take part in the Inaugural SSE Free Age 5 v 5 League. From Season 2012/2013 onwards, the league will be known as Total Football League or TFL and will have 2 Divisions of 14 teams each!

Our League has a healthy mix of Corporates, Country Club and Neighborhood Teams that provides for a challenging and exciting season of League Football and healthy banter between the teams!

Where : Karnatak Sports Association (KSA) Grounds, Churchgate (Next to Bombay Gym Club)

When : Alternate Sundays; 8.30am to 10am

Season : October to May of Every Year

TFL is Open to all Non-Professional Teams only. Contact Us if you would like to Register or know more. We’ll be glad to chat with you and get you involved!