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SSE to sponsor Happy Kicks, an U16 NGO tournament

December 20th 2012

Soccer Schools of Excellence is delighted to be one of the sponsors for Kick Stars, which is an U16 tournament for young footballers from various NGOs. This tournament is an initiative by Project Play who have taken it upon themselves to organise frequent and quality opportunities for future footballers of our city to compete!

As part of the SSE Vision, this is the kind of tournament that this academy will always look to support. SSE Social is a team of 8 players from our Under Privileged Football program that will also take part! So do come out to the Karnatak Sports Association Ground in Churchgate on December 22nd 2012. The event will take place from 10am to 5pm.

Here is the Draw:




1: Salaam Baalak Trust
2: Anstrengung United
3: Karnatak Sports Project
4: Rahee Foundation
5: PIFA [social project]


1: Oscar Foundation
2: Project Play
3: The Akanksha Foundation
4: Magic Bus
5: SSE Social         

See you guys there and Thanks for Reading!

Your Friends at SSE