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SSE Wins the FFA Tournament at St. Marys

12th October 2015

The SSE Sharks and Panthers U10 Teams did us very proud this past weekend. It was a classic story of the underdogs. We fielded 2 New and Balanced U10 Teams who had only 1 friendly game under their belt, were a relatively young team with an average age of 8.5 years and who on the day had to play without substitutions to qualify and then go through the semis and win the Finals!

This Monday morning, it's all slowly sinking in for all the players, their parents and SSE. What we are actually more proud of is the performance and the brand of Football played that took us through. The boys defended and pressed as a unit and attacked and scored goals with keeping possession and stringing successful passes together. The performance was what dreams are made of!

For all the Action in Pictures, Click HERE

From the Soccer Schools of Excellence, we would like to Congratulate both the SSE Panthers and SSE Sharks Teams. And a shout out to all the parents who are supporting the growth of their kids through the Beautiful Game that we live for.

SSE Panthers

  • Pranet Sheth
  • Nir Pathak
  • Jai Bakshi
  • Jai Nichani
  • Pratik Hate
  • Ram

SSE Sharks (Winners)

  • Aman Kothari
  • Arjun Somani
  • Pramit Goel
  • Jai
  • Omkar
  • Yohan De Souza

SSE United

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