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SSE Introduces Parent Toddler Football Classes

1st March 2016

Soccer Schools of Excellence (SSE) has recently launched The SSE 'Parent Toddler' Football class which has been well received by our parents and kids.

The class allows moms or dads to experience and be there for their child's first real experience in a sports class which is loads of fun for everyone involved!

The class serves as an amazing bonding time for the parent that they were used to in their various Mother Toddler classes while the kids were growing up.

The SSE Coach takes a class of 10 kids and introduces a range of fun football related games that the kids love doing and proud parents love cheering for. We have run this program successfully now at the NSCI Club ( 2 batches ) that started in March, at the Rush Turf ( 1 batch) in Ballard Estate and at Maker Towers in Cuffe Parade ( 1 batch).

Please note that we do not attempt or claim to teach kids the technical aspects of the game as they are way too young for that. Instead, through our program, kids slowly get used to keeping their focus, hearing instructions from the coach, practice some agility, balance and coordination ( the ABCs) and learn how to work in small groups. Needless to say, they start to develop a love for football which is our aim.

Parents who would like to know more or enrol for the SSE 'Parent Toddler' program may call us us 9699950811 or email us on

Current Venues: NSCI Club, Worli and Maker Tower A & B residence, Cuffe Parade
( More Venues to be announced shortly for this program)

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