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SSE introduces Nutrition Workshops Every 6 weeks

1st August 2016

We are delighted to team up with Cafe Nutrition to provide valuable information and knowledge to parents and SSE players about the importance Nutrition plays in contributing to enhanced sports performance.

These workshops will be held every 6 weeks and is an additional and complimentary service to SSE parents and players. Our 1st workshop on Nutrition was conducted on August 20th 2016. We will be announcing the date for our 2nd workshop, 'Assessment of Body Composition in Children and Adolescents' shortly.

Here is a list of the workshops and topics we will be covering:

1. Nutrition

  • What is Nutrition?
  • Importance of Nutrition in raising a Healthy Child
  • What is Sports Nutrition?
  • Sports Nutrition for the Young Athlete
  • Power of Parents - Parental influence on children's food preferences and energy intake

2. Assessment of Body Composition in Children and Adolescents

  • What is body made up of?
  • How to Analyze the Body Composition?
  • Importance of appropriate Fat and Muscle Percentage
  • Body Composition and Flexibility
  • Effect on Performance
  • Ways to Improve Body Composition

3. Macronutrients and Micronutrients

  • Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats - Importance with Examples and RDA
  • Vitamins - A, D, E, K, C
  • Minerals - Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium
  • Antioxidants

4. Eating as per the Clock

  • Pre - Game Meal, Post - game Meal & During the Game
  • Time Slots for Each Meal
  • Importance of Breakfast
  • Time Slots for Each Meal
  • Examples of Meal Combinations
  • Hydration Protocol

5. The Vegetarian Athlete, Injured Athlete, Nutrition to Boost Immunity, Eating on the Go, Smart Food Choices at Restaurants, Dealing with Food Peer Pressure

  • Vegetarian Athlete Myths
  • Complete Nutrition Strategies during Rehab
  • Superfoods for Immune-Boosting Benefits
  • Tips for Fueling Up on the Go
  • Is Peer Pressure leading to Poor Food Choices

6. Dietary Supplements & Sports Drinks - Facts and Myths

  • Do Supplements give Athletes an Edge?
  • Can Sports Drinks Improve Endurance?
  • The Optimum Composition for Endurance Sports Drinks

7. Reading Food Labels, Foods that Fool & Designing My Plate

  • Understanding Food Nutrition Labels
  • Food Labels 'fool us' into thinking products are healthy
  • Best & Worst Foods for Athletes

8. Childhood Obesity

  • Effect of Lifestyle
  • Media Exposure
  • Access to Food
  • Food Trends
  • Lack of Awareness

If parents have any questions or would like to schedule a One on One Consultation with the Nutritionist, please drop us an email on

Thanks for Reading as always.

Your Friends at SSE