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Register for Batches Post Monsoons!

Soccer Schools of Excellence (SSE) is happy to announce that Registrations are NOW OPEN for one and all at it's Worli (NSCI Club), Nepeansea Rd (PDP) and Bandra (St.Stanislaus) centers.

Parents wishing to resign up their kids or new players waiting to enter our batches can complete their registrations by making secure payments on the Khelomore website below. All the batch dates, timings and pricing is available on the booking site links below.

For Worli (NSCI Club): Click Here
Map Here

For Nepeansea Road (PDP): Click Here
Map Here

For Bandra (St.Stanislaus): Click Here
Map Here

Batch Dates : September 1st to December 20th 2018

Kindly note Registrations will take place strictly on a First Come Basis so parents are encouraged to sign up at the earliest. If you are an existing SSE player or a New Player with any questions, kindly email us on We will reply to you within 24 hours.

Thank you for Reading!

Your Friends at SSE