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SSE Champions League

The SSE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE was kicked off to create that sense of competition that students and parents look forward to every alternate weekend! We believe that by having our own League, parents and students will experience a lot more the joys of playing Football.

The healthy interaction between parents will further add to the sense of fraternity that is prevalent within SSE. So come out and Cheer your kids on and make some noise! You never know, we might even plan a game or two for you. Here’s how it will all work.

League Format

The SSE Champions League (‘THE SSE CL’) will be an internal league for SSE academy students only
Every Student has a fair chance to play in the League by completing registration before the due date
There will be limited number of teams and each team will have a set number of players only. Registration will hence best work on a First Come First Serve basis
Students who plan to join in the middle of the League season would not be guaranteed entry and would then have to wait till the 2nd League Season to begin (October 2013)
Teams will be made according to age groups and ability levels. This will ensure all teams are well balanced and fair to all
SSE coaches will decide on the teams being formed

Time Table

The League matches will take place every alternate Sunday at Karnatak Sports Association (KSA) grounds, Churchgate from 8.30am to 9.45am
The SSE Champions League will be held from October to April of every year
We will have a 2 week Christmas break in December for the holidays

Soccer Moms & Soccer Dads

We would love for SSE parents to be actively involved in the growth of their child’s development in Football. Therefore, parents are encouraged to volunteer and play COACH for a respective team. Parents as the COACH for the day will be responsible for:

Making sure all the team players show up on match day and on time
Taking care of the kids on match day (well hydrated, preparing them for the match, team and player psychology, etc)
Parents who are not playing COACH on the day are encouraged to come and make it a family outing on Sunday Morning Football

The SSE Champions League Trophy Awards Day

SSE will throw an Awards Ceremony Party for all the League Participants and Parents to wrap up the League on the last day of the season
Food and Beverages will be arranged along with Music and Entertainment
All Parents are invited to attend

SSE League Cost

Rs.500 Per Student a Month (7 Month Duration)
All Students will be given a Certificate of Participation
The Runner’s Up and the Winning Team will be given a Team Trophy and lots of Individual Prizes

Registration Deadline

A reminder that Registrations will work on a First Come First Serve Basis. Closer to the start of the season, SSE will announce a Registration Deadline in order to select Teams and apply the finishing touches to what promises to be a great experience.