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Aman has been with SSE for a year and the experience has led to phenomenal overall development of his physique, character, passion and love for sports. He lives, breathes and dreams soccer thanks to the personalized training method taught by SSE.

- Bhavin Khotari

Football has got my son to know about playing as a team and to make friendship with foes. This is one game he loves and gives his heart and soul into it all thanks to SSE.

-Pooja Khurana

Awesome. This class has been great for the kids.

-Mihika Goradia

Dhruv’s eyes have never shone as bright as when he is getting ready for his soccer class or talking about what happened on the field. The classes are the high point in his week and we couldn’t be happier with the SSE. Thank you, so very much, for a superbly professional set up and for the dedication and enthusiasm that you bring to the kids every single time! You guys rock!

- Amrita Jaitley

My 6 year old son Pronoy Goswami has been attending SSE for over a year now. I am extremely happy with his progress.

He has developed a keen interest and understanding of the game. The personalised attention of the coaches along with their technical knowledge has contributed to my son¹s growth both on and off the field.

It is quite remarkable what this young team has achieved with the kids despite having very limited infrastructure. A bigger ground and better facilities will hugely benefit the school and hence the children.

-Sree Goswami

As a parent, I’m really happy with SSE because my son looks forward to every class. He will always choose his session at SSE over a birthday party!

-Nidhi Ghia

‘Learning the sport per se is just one part. What SSE teaches are elements like sportsmanship and team spirit which enhances the personality of the child and helps them grow in other areas too.’

-Tina Khetarpal