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Q: What do I need to wear & bring to SSE classes?
A: The academy provides training kits that is to be worn to every class.

Q: How much is the Registration Fee & What is it for?
A: There is a ONE time Registration Fee of Rs.1000 that includes 2 SSE Jerseys and 2 Pair of Shorts. An SSE Journal is also given to the U5s, U7s and the U10s.

Q: What is the Academy’s billing cycle?
A: We register students on a Quarterly Basis.
Ist Term – January to March
2nd Term – April to June
3rd Term – July to September
4th Term – October to December

However, if a student for a valid reason is not able to commit for 3 months, we have a different Fee Schedule for them

Q: What are the different locations for SSE classes?
A: SSE is currently training at 4 different locations. Please click Here for more information

Q: Does SSE have a Referral Policy?
A: Yes we definitely do! We are proud when Parents refer other students to our academy. It is a sure sign that students are enjoying their football education at SSE. Please click on this link to learn more about Our Referral Thank You Policy.

Q: Does SSE have a Make Up Policy?
A: At SSE, we encourage all our students to make every class. And frankly they almost do. In any case, please click on this link to learn about our Make up Policy and Our Loyalty Program

Q: How does SSE communicate with parents & students?
A: We send out important updates regarding classes, newsletters and event information via SMS and/or by email.

Q. We would like SSE to hold classes in our neighborhood?
A: Yes we would love to be there. Please leave your contact information here and we will speak to you shortly and/or update you when we start SSE coaching in your area.

Q: Can I get refund if I decide not to carry on with classes?
A: We’re sorry but fees are non-refundable and non-transferable by the academy