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SSE Curriculum


The SSE Curriculum has come a long way in a short span of time. We have adopted Football games, drills and practices from various schools of thought; therefore creating a unique curriculum that is designed to strictly deliver appropriate sessions.

The American Influence

In the early days, we had the pleasure to work with Mr.Pradhyum Reddy, a USSF ‘A’ (United States Soccer Federation) licensed coach and Ex-Head Coach of Shillong Lajong FC who customized a curriculum for SSE on the lines of what was being taught in the U.S. Mr.Reddy had just arrived in India after spending 10 years with youth academies abroad.

The Portuguese Influence

In the summer of 2012, SSE hosted Benfica Soccer Schools of Portugal in Mumbai. We are proud to say that we were part of a little history as Benfica’s trip to India became their most successful International camp with 128 participating students.

Benfica’s unique philosophy of having every practice mimic a real game situation was a complete success and SSE saw a lot of value in their style of coaching. We have since implemented majority of their coaching sessions into ours.

The English Influence

SSE’s Technical Director Mr.Hugh Kim Lewis, a UEFA ‘A’ (Union of European Football Associations) licensed coach brings with him experience from the English Premier League, the U.S, Turkey, Holland and from domestic Football around the country.

Age Appropriate Curriculum

Below are the topics that are being taught throughout the academy.

5 to 8yrs Warm Ups
Attacking Play
Defensive Play
Possession Play
4v4 and 5v5 games
9 to 12 yrs Warm Ups
Coerver Ball Familiarization/Ball Feeling
Running with the ball
Ground Control
Aerial Control
Combination Play
Short Passing
Support Play
Passing, Receiving, Movement
13 to 16yrs
The Curriculum from the younger Age Groups will be developed and progressed for this Age Group. In addition, the following topics will be introduced:
Longer passing
Driven passing
Swerve passing
Set Pieces – Throw ins, Corners, Free Kicks
  • The players will be comfortable with the fundamentals by this age group. They will now need to be stretched more in game situations so they can better develop their tactical understanding.
  • The use of 6v6, 7v7, 8v8 and 11v11 games will be played
  • Phases of play will help the players in this age group understand the more complex issues involved in playing as a team
  • Conditioned games will be used for encouraging players to develop towards a greater tactical understanding
    • Emphasis on tactics and developing team play
    • Different formations of play: 4-4-2 and a 4-3-3 system, a 4-5-1 and a 3-5-2 system