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SSE Vision

Youth Level

  • To be the preferred Soccer School for a complete Football education and experience for young players of all ages in cities all across India
  • To teach that though winning is an important aspect of the game, their performance and sense of enjoyment while still learning is more important at the youth level
  • To build a socially active lifestyle through sport, which is important for all round excellence and success in life
  • To discover the hidden gems of tomorrow, to work with and develop their talent, and to assist and provide them with the pathway and opportunity in order to realize their full potential
  • To increase participation in sport through recreational and competitive opportunities
  • Helping communities to come together through the common language of Football regardless of their gender, background and playing ability
  • To positively encourage and assist our nation’s coaches to become students of the game

Less Privileged Kids

  • To reach out to maximum number of kids and provide them a way out of poverty through Playing, Coaching, Refereeing and/or Administrating Football
  • To nurture talent and provide financial support to deserving kids, and to help them realize their true potential in life and in sport
  • To provide the opportunity to play in various leagues and competitions Nationally and/or Locally