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Peace One Day

Peace One Day Soccer Schools of Excellence (SSE) decided to harness the power of "the beautiful game" to foster the spirit of harmony and brotherhood by our small effort to raise awareness to bring about a positive change in society.

We associated with "Peace One Day", an international NGO and dedicated a day of football to World Peace, under the banner of One Day One Goal, wherein we devoted 8 hours of Football matches to promote and commemorate "a World with more cooperation, tolerance and empathy for each other"

Peace One Day has been organising many matches all around the world for quite a few years, highlights of which are :-

  • Iraqi Army and Kurdish Peshmerga
  • Northern and Southern factions of Cote d’Ivoir
  • Rival Gangs in South America.
  • Between Researchers at Antartica

After being inspired by the immense effort put in by our friends around the world, we decided to support them by dedicating Round 8 of MFL, at Astro Park to Peace One Day.

As this event celebrates the unity in diversity, we invited everyone to come and be part of the celebrations. We were surprised by the turnout and thank you all for supporting this novel venture.